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Grow your business in the UK with FSL

Exporting to the UK, or even expanding your operations in Britain brings many opportunities to grow your business.

However, we know that getting to know local company administration, taxation, payroll and employment requirements may be a significant obstacle in your business growth journey.

FSL supports businesses’ expansion to the UK by bridging this knowledge gap, providing expert advice about exporting or expanding abroad, and providing outsourcing services to give your team the capacity to focus on running your operations.

Your business growth journey

At every step of your exporting/expansion journey, we are by your side to provide knowledge, experience, and expertise to support your expansion while making dealing with local compliance a breeze.

From an initial feasibility study, we will work with you to develop an action plan to meet your objectives, put appropriate business structures in place, and ensure that local compliance and administration requirements are dealt with so that you can begin trading in the UK with confidence.

Feasibility Study



Get Established

Local Compliance

Start Trading

  • Understand the market

  • Local competition

  • Timeline for expansion

  • Identify key milestones

  • Export v Expand

  • Registration

  • Insurance

  • Data Protection

  • Accountancy, tax, payroll

  • VAT

  • Importing & exporting

  • Ongoing support

  • Payroll processing

  • Tax & filing requirements

Services FSL can provide

FSL offers a broad range of services to support your new UK operations:

  • Pre-expansion feasibility study, review of expanding v exporting

  • Advice on structuring any new legal entities or permanent establishments in the UK

  • Setting up new legal entities

  • Registration with HMRC

  • Companies House annual filings

  • Guidance on compliance with local laws and regulations

  • Support in dealing with export customs & duties

  • Payroll, accountancy and tax services

  • Corporation tax computations & returns

  • VAT returns

  • Ongoing support and consultancy to drive your business’s expansion

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